The relationship between Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (KPHX) and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA) (formally known as Williams Air Force Base) both in Arizona

Aviation Project

I’m the new Aviation Director at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. I’ve recently been appointed after having served in Phoenix Government for many years. I’ve got a lot of experience in management, but not a lot in aviation matters. That’s why I’ve hired you as a consultant. We’ve heard that your firms’ consultants have all taken the World Famous, Highly Respected AMT 500 course, and I definitely need some informed answers to a few questions. Unfortunately, I’ll need these answers by the City Council meeting on December 9, 2015 so time is of the essence. We are also scheduled to meet with a Congressional Delegation just after the City Council discussions and I’ll need some background for possible questions they may ask.
One of my main concerns is the agreement we have with the Phoenix Gateway Airport. I need a clear explanation of what’s involved and what our role at Sky Harbor is. I know it was done in 2006 and we contribute a fairly substantial sum to Gateway. Traffic at Sky Harbor continues to increase and our ability to build a fourth runway is questionable. I am aware that air traffic is increasing at Gateway and I suspect, at some point we will be asked for some fairly large projects.
I also need to know more about the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). I know roughly what it is; but need to know if we can use those funds at Gateway if the need arises. I suspect that in another decade, Gateway may well be very similar to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. If Gateway becomes a major reliever airport…we may be asked for assistance in some large-scale projects…especially as regards security.

So, in a nutshell, here’s what I need to know by December 9, 2015 before the City Council discussions and also when we meet with the Congressional Delegation:
· What does the Agreement with Phoenix Gateway involve and what are we obligated to do if asked? Briefly explain the Agreement. I don’t need a complete legal brief. Just a concise explanation.
· What are the latest expansion plans for Gateway? I need a general summary; not a detailed explanation.
· Explain the AIP program. How does it work, and can we use it for large-scale projects at Gateway if we are asked to provide assistance? If so, what kind of project would you recommend?
· What types of projects are approved for AIP?

So, that’s what I need to know. I’ll be pretty busy until then, so I’ll need accurate, concise answers to the questions above. Keep in mind that the Congressional Delegation may ask for a copy of your study. I imagine the study should be about seven to ten pages, but that’s up to you…whatever it takes to answer the questions above. Don’t make it too long because I’m not going to have much time to digest it. On the other hand; 3 or 4 pages is probably too short. I want quality; not quantity, and I don’t want to be blindsided. Most of you probably haven’t had any experience in this area. You need to write tightly and concisely for this Project; but it is a bit different. Although it’s often not stated; one of your jobs as a consultant is to leave a good impression so you get ANOTHER assignment down the road. Which means you need to leave the person that gave you the assignment with a smile on their face after they’ve read your report. In other words; start off with a pleasantry, and end on a high note.

Professor Robert

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