1) Identify, Define, and Apply basic concepts of sociology including culture, status, roles, norms institutions, social class, race, and gender.

Required Reading
Anand Giridharadas (2019) Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.
Vintage ISBN-13: 978-1101972670
Chapters 11 and 12 Open Stax Introduction to Sociology
Due: Tuesday January 17, 2023 via canvas (turnitin) by start of class (no exceptions, please
do not ask).
1. Prepare a 750 to 1,050-word paper that provides a thesis on how the author, Anand
Giridharadas (2019) Winners Take All explains how the rich and powerful fight for equality
and justice any way they can–except ways that threaten the social order and their position
atop it. Please be precise not to write less or more to avoid penalty. In your paper, be sure to
include the following items:
a. Give at least three ways in which this happens. Provide examples for each of the three
ways. This does not have to be limited to the book. Consider using other sources. Are
people disproportionally effected across race and gender lines? If so, explain?
b. What role does it play in the lives of students making life decisions? Give at least three
examples for each.
c. Apply at least one of the major theoretical paradigms (conflict, functionalism, or
symbolic interaction) to help explain win-win. What role do the major institutions play in
the construction and perpetuating of the Elite’s charade?
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APA Style (12pt. font Times New Roman, double spaced) MSword
Cover page
At least two different references required
Reference page


Approximately 250 words