Communications and Media

10-1 Discussion: Communication Reflection

You assume the role of an employee. review the communication policies and information of two managers, and respond accordingly with interests, questions, and preferences of your own.
As I assume the role of a manager, I want to work together as one collaborative team to meet goals and deadlines. I want to have a positive work environment that encourages innovation and promotes team. I am here to work alongside all of you to help meet these goals. I have an open-door policy; you are all welcome to come to me anytime. My office is a safe place and I encourage all of you to come to me with any ideas or issues that may arise. Anything that is discussed behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors. My office is a judgment-free zone!
In saying that communication is so important to me and I believe it is the key to success. I will have open communication with all of you verbally and written. I want you all to be successful and I will do my best to help you reach your full potential. I welcome emails as well as meetings in person. I want you all to feel comfortable and create a trusting environment. Open communication helps create transparency and everyone on the same page. This will help reduce and eliminate most conflicts as well as make sure we all understand the vision of our company. It is important that you understand why you are doing what you are doing and what is expected of all of you. I will try to meet with you all routinely so understand these expectations and how you are performing. This will also provide time for you to let me know you are performing and that I can do anything differently. Working together will help us meet the goals and vision of the company!


Approximately 250 words