Communications and Media

10-1 Discussion: Communication Reflection

You assume the role of an employee. review the communication policies and information of two managers, and respond accordingly with interests, questions, and preferences of your own.
Assuming the role of a manager, I will want fellow employees to know that my communication style will be explicit. I will set clear and concise expectations from not only them but from management. I will want everyone to understand that I have an open door policy and building trust among one another is very important to me. Any issues or problems that arise will be handled discreetly and with the utmost concern whether personal or professional. I will encourage a positive environment where people will feel comfortable knowing their voice matters. I will also ensure that people know when they are doing a good job and when there needs to be improvement. I will ensure monthly and/or quarterly meetings or tailgates are held to advise of any changes being made, making sure everyone is on the same page.
Communication is one of the most important things to me, especially being in a management role. All too often people feel left out of the loop and the moral in the environment can drop when management does not take the time to relay information, keeping everyone up to speed. Making expectations clear for both sides and upholding your side can drastically alter for the better the behavior of the employees. It may seem cliche, however, “Leading by example” could not be more true when in a management role. Leading with morals, integrity, hard work, communication, and building trust are truly keys to success within any organization.


Approximately 250 words