440 Discussion 1 # 1

Module 1 Overview
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The first module discusses the role of the case manager in a wide variety of settings. Case management is not only a large part of the acute care setting but, is becoming more and more accessible in the outpatient setting. With current changes in CMS guidelines Case Managers must critically think and evaluate patient and family dynamics quickly to assess for needs outside of the acute care setting. In week one we will review the differences in roles of the case manager.
Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, you will be able to:
Identify the differing roles of the nursing case manager
Discuss the difference between acute and outpatient case management
Apply case study activities to holistic patient care planning
Reading & Resources
Read Chapter 1 in Fundamentals of Case Management Practice
Review Case Management Society of America
Hodgkinson, I., Vince, C., Aylott, C., Pamphilon, J., Chandler, J., & Chumbley, K. (2018). P-243 End of life care education within the nursing and residential home setting. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 8
Review the National Committee for Quality Assurance certification criteria
Learning Activities
Introductions: Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.
Discussion: Participate in Discussion 1. Discussion 1 Question 1
To do: Make forum posts: 3
You have been hired as a consultant by a hospital that is going to begin using case managers in the acute, home care, and primary care settings. You meet with the vice president (VP) of patient services. She tells you that the hospital tried to use case managers 3 years ago, and the project failed. She believes one of the major reasons it failed is because there was no clear position description or role description that was understood by the staff. She would like you to help develop an effective nurse case manager position description.
1. Identify the skills needed for a nurse to enter the case manager role.
2. Describe the role of the nurse case manager in acute, home care, and primary care settings.
3. Explains the approaches case managers use to promote the highest quality of care.
You must use at least 2 scholarly references to support your answer.
See the Nursing Syllabus Standards & Policies Document for Discussion Participation Guidelines & Grading Criteria.


Approximately 250 words