Social work


Identify a family issue, research a family therapy approach (locate a relevant peer-reviewed article supporting use of the approach) to address the issue, and construct a single-subject (1 family) research design (SSRD) to evaluate the practice effectiveness of using this design with the family.
The SSRD must be in APA format and include the following headings/sections:
Cover page – in APA format
Introduction – This section should address the family issue (including research showing this issue is a common issue within families) and give a short (1 paragraph) description of the family and what the issue looks like for them.
Approach/Strategy – This section should include an overview of the intervention to be used, including a summary of the empirical article supporting use of the intervention. Details should be provided on how this approach would be used in family sessions, and the intervention should be theory-driven, with a clear discussion of how the intervention is linked with/informed by a theory.
SSRD Plan – This section should discuss the type of research plan you will use to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. Be sure to list your research question, hypothesis, independent and dependent variables and the measurement tool utilized (operationalization), design (appropriate phases- AB, ABA, etc), how baseline and post-intervention change in the variable will be measured (data collection), how data will be analyzed (data analysis), and a sample of the graph which would be used to display the data recorded and how that graph would be interpreted (what would the graph need to show for the hypothesis to be supported).
References – APA formatted reference page for all references
Appendix 1 – Brief Treatment Plan (goal, objective, intervention)
Appendix 2 – Measurement Tool to be used
*This assignment should be 3-5 pages in length (not including the cover page, references, and appendices).


Approximately 250 words