Business and Management

A report on Balenciaga

· Element2: An individual report(2000words)50%ofunit grade.
· The Context: Kering Group: Choose your brand:
· Assume the role of a brand consultant for the luxury fashion company (a Kering company) [Balenciaga]
Indicative Element 2 Report Structure:
For your report, you should follow the structure and indicative content as outlined here:
· Executive Summary (approx. 300 words, not included in the 2000-word limit) Provide a brief overview of your analysis report indicating the key findings from the analysis and the strategic recommendation.
· Introduction (approx. 300 words) Introduce the brand report, its aims and mission statement and briefly describe the context of the brand analysis. Provide the purpose of the report, your aims and objectives, how you will investigate the topic, some data/ information, and the associated limitations.
· Case Analysis (approx. 850 words) Identify the key issue/ challenges and/or opportunities for the brand by analysing the brand’s internal environment and external environment (micro and macro factors). Your analysis, evaluation and critical thinking should be evidenced with research. You should also include theoretical frameworks and concepts that are introduced in the seminars and your previous studies.
· The analysis should be based on academic and reputable business sources, including academic journals / case studies / reports / Mintel / Drapers etc.
· Strategic Recommendation / Solution (approx.850 words) Present and discuss the comprehensive strategic recommendation / solution to rejuvenate the brand. Provide a detailed explanation / rationale that underpins the selection of your strategic recommendation / solution. You can also provide justification for your recommendation / solution. Presented as a consultant, this section should be realistic and valuable to the executive board of the brand and should be based on the case analysis section research. This should include costings and timelines supported with a critical path to execution. You can also provide a brief outline on how to implement your strategic recommendation and any challenges the firm might face during this process. Consider brand extension, internationalisation, sustainability, retailing and marketing strategies if applicable and digitally mockup your proposals.
· References (not included in the 2000-word limit) Ensure that you use Harvard Referencing for all visual and written referenced material. Here include all sources used for your additional research beyond the case study.


Approximately 250 words