Abortion II

The assignment has two parts:
Part 1
Please do these readings BEFORE the weekend (you will be assigned two more for Monday):
Thomson: “A Defense of Abortion” ( and Don Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral” (, which both discuss abortion. We will take several classes to discuss abortion, but for this class, try to outline (for yourself) the articles (one for, and one against, abortion). What do you think are the main points of these articles? How would you explain them to someone who has not read the articles?
Part 2
Read Schouten- Fetuses, Orphans, and a Famous Violinist.pdf.Download Schouten- Fetuses, Orphans, and a Famous Violinist.pdf.
IN WRITING, from the articles we have read, choose the article that is most challenging to you (that is intentionally broad!). Explain what the challenge is, why it is challenging to you, and how you respond.
Be sure to pick an article or point that genuinely makes you question your own view, and explain what is a challenge to your way of thinking.


Approximately 250 words