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Africa- Different but equal video on youtube

CRITERIA FOR FILM REVIEWS: The review should be in an essay format, with a formal introduction, body, and conclusion. In the review, the first paragraph should include the name of the author and title, geographic location of film, the overall goal or point of the film, and the author’s main argument in the film. The body of the essay should summarize the main points or general themes of the film and add specific facts or details from the film to back up your assertions about the main points of the film. In the conclusion of the essay, the review should include your opinions or thoughts on the film, in particular any responses to the author’s assertions, and restate the main goal of the film. Length should be 2-3 pages typed, double spaced. You do not need to consult external commentaries for the film reviews. If you decide to consult external commentaries on these films, you must cite the consulted sources. If you use outside sources you have to cite. You have to watch this video then follow the instructions


Approximately 250 words