Anxiety and neurotic needs or trends.

Literature Research Paper Content
The Literature Review Paper #1 may grant you up to 15 Points for your Final Grade. Continue and follow Instructions…
The Literature Review Research Paper MUST follow APA Writing Guidelines – Some APA Guidelines
are provided within the week# item the paper is due… Students MUST follow these guidelines to
write the paper…and the paper is due on Monday, January 16, 2023…
The paper MUST include
information from a minimum of three (3) journals from Florida National University (FNU) Library
Database of Journals. Students should choose the journals that discuss the topic chosen, obtain
information from them, and write the paper…
NOTE: Points will be deducted if APA Writing Guidelines and Instructions provided by the Instructor
are not followed…
Students may choose any subtitle from any chapter as the Topic for your paper, it
is not required to write the paper about the whole chapter, only a fraction of it, the part that more
interest you, or that you best understand…
The Literature Review Paper MUST be completed and
uploaded as a Word Document.
Additionally I will add a document with the part of the chapter I picked, the instructions to enter
the library to get the journals, and the links to the guidelines she want for APA.


Approximately 250 words