Art History Study Questions

I know that the subject for this assignment says that it is art, but it is actually Art History. Also, please do not have any plagiarism in this assignment. Also, each answer for each question must be 8-10 sentences long. Additionally, please ensure that the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of this assignment great. Anyway, here are the questions that you must answer, and the information in these answers can only be from the lectures (the information CANNOT be from the Internet), which I have attached here:
1. What are the indicators of a civilization, such as those found in the Ancient Near East?
2. Compare how the power of the ruler is portrayed in these examples from the Ancient Near East: The Victory Stele of Naram Sin and the Law Code of Hammurabi (both pictures are attached here, and they are named “secondStudyQuestionPictures.png” and “secondStudyQuestionPictures2.jpg”.
Also, here are the links for the lecture videos:


Approximately 250 words