Assignment 1

For this first assignment, after completing all other readings and exercises, you will write your research hypotheses. Please review the article “How to Develop a Good Research Hypothesis” and follow the guidelines and tips in the article. There are several examples you can use as a roadmap to formulate your hypotheses for your previously chosen research topic (week 1, discussion).
Link to article:
Once you are satisfied with your hypotheses, explain why you chose a particular type of hypotheses; i.e., simple, complex, directional, etc.
Identify your variables – what is the dependent variable? Independent variable?
There is no particular format for this assignment but your hypotheses (a minimum of three) must clearly address the problem for your research project, identified in Week 1.
This pertains to the abortion in teens research . He wants us to use the link on the assignment to help us build the hypothesis. He wants three hypothesis.


Approximately 250 words