Autoethnography. Teaching identities. Sociology.

Hi there, I hope you can help me.
I have used a different writing service and they totally messed up. I am really stressed and I cannot complete this autoethnography myself, as I am sick and currently in hospital. The university is not willing to give me an extension.
The following needs to be done:
1) The autoethnography is on my experiences as an EU citizen in the UK (pre-, during and post-Brexit). The assessor has asked me to change the following about my autoethnography.
A) Please include how my teaching identity has changed (as a result of the experiences I have gone through). What was my teaching identity before Brexit, during the Brexit negotiations and after? How do I regard myself now as a teacher? I am happy to give you details on this. The teaching identity change should be the lense /narrative of the autoethnography.
B) Make sure that the personal experiences are written with indents on both sides (so it is clear to the reader that the experiences are different from the other, academic writing).
C) Please make sure that the paper does not sound polemic / like an opinion piece at any time. This is very important.
D) Please re-use the bits that I have written and change them – if needed -.
E) The total paper should be 5000 words, so feel free to re-use any text I have written and change it if you think this is necessary.
F) There should be a total of 3 pages with references. All should be written in Harvard style.
E) Please make sure that the writing is of an excellent standard.
The university approved this autoethnography, so perhaps this gives you an idea:
I attach the following:
– The initial instructions from the university
– The first version with feedback (please only use some sections if you believe that these are useful)
– The second version (which can form the basis of the newly written piece)
Please only make a bid if you have a Masters degree or higher in Education or Sociology. Having a PhD in Education or Sociology is desirable.
I am incredibly sorry for the time pressure and I am so grateful if you can help end this saga to a positive end! Many thanks!


Approximately 250 words