Business and Management

Barclays and Lush

I have already wrote about a 1000 words but I have to complete at least 3 thousand words in total. Please use my ( My Draft IB ) to add more words to it until ints 3000+ words. Do not write another essay from scratch. Just add more to what I have wrote please.
Discuss the structures : Flat and Tall and how are they related to Barclays and Lush.
The assignment is about two companies which are Barclays and Lush and how they operate and what type of businesses they are and about marketshare and shareholders and stakeholders.
Use ( Part 3 template ) to help you more about what to add in the essay and what to write about. There is a structure which you have to fill and paste it in my essay, I have done one but did not do the second one.
Please try to be at my same level in writing, tomorrow is my final submission. Thank you very much.


Approximately 250 words