Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk identifies how privilege and power that come with wealth are closed to people who began life without it

Must Have read “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” What is a Prospectus?
In essence, a Prospectus is a short summary that informs the reader about the direction, goals, and questions of the Senior Thesis.
Writing a thoughtful Prospectus will be a useful way to begin interrogating the deep questions of your Thesis; a completed Prospectus will give you a kind of template for your Thesis itself.
Your Prospectus will be limited to one page. In this exploratory stage, the idea is that you outline your proposed project.
A successful Prospectus will explore the following components:
1. Purpose
What is your reason for writing? What problem or issue does this thesis help address/solve?
2. Scope
What core phenomenon/dynamic will you focus on in this thesis?
Where in the text will you concentrate your attention?
3. Methods
What kinds of evidence will you look at, and provide?
How might you make you structure your exploration? (Organization, etc.)
4. Consequences
What are the implications of the issue you are writing about?
5. Possible conclusions/ big questions
What conclusions might you draw from your study of the issue?
What larger questions might your essay seek to explore?
What other connections or parallels might you draw?


Approximately 250 words