Business and Management

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Capstone Project on Blue Cross Blue Shield
Turn in your complete organizational assessment. Be sure to update any section given the comments of the professor. After completing all sections, the final section and the conclusion should provide an opinion as to the overall assessment of the organization. There must be at least one key conclusion and one key recommendation for each of the 7 completed parts of the paper.
The 7th section of the financial analysis should analyze the following for the last five years:
The capital structure of the firm by looking at debt to assets ratio or debt to equity ratio
The profitability of the firm by looking at asset turnover, return on assets and any other profitability ratio that provides useful information
The cash flows of the firm through an analysis of the Statement of Cash Flows
The performance of the stock over the past five years, especially in terms of growth in stock price, dividend payout and dividend yield.
The performance of the firm should be compared to itself over the past five years, and to their main competitor.
The analysis should be between 3-4 pages, and any charts or graphs that enhance the presentation should be utilized.
The paper should be 15-20 pages not counting the cover page and reference list, but not much longer. Sections can be edited down any extraneous or duplicative information should be removed.


Approximately 250 words