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Develop Outline for Final Capstone Project that will be 15-20 pages:
Prepare an outline for the final project you will turn in at the end of the class. The outline must include a cover page, an abstract or executive summary page, the body of the paper begins with the title of the paper and then an introductory paragraph followed by the seven major sections of the paper to be covered through the class. After the seven major sections there must be a heading called Conclusions with Recommendations and the final heading must be the Summary of the paper. The final separate page is the Reference list. The major sections are listed in the Week 1 instructions. In addition to the major sections, the outline must include some initial points under each major section based on the research you complete in selecting your minimum of 5 reference list items. Each reference list item must be cited in the sentences in the outline. The reference list items must be cited in the outline. There should be at least 5 references listed (in APA format 7th edition) that will be utilized throughout the writing of the paper. You must to read the five reference list items. One must be the most recent annual report for your public for-profit corporation.


Approximately 250 words