Business and Management

Building an effective communication system

Part 1:
You are about to set up your own business (all specifications can be made up as per your preference), which will operate in the international arena. In this regard, you need to design a proper communication system to run the organisation smoothly and enable it to achieve its goals. In view of this, critically analyse and address the following points with regards to building an effective communication system for the work environment in the organization:
1. Determine which managerial approach would be the best fit in enabling the organisation to meet its goals for effective communication.
2. Design a feedback action plan for delivering constructive feedback associated with a non-routine change to your employees. Provide a specific example of such a change.
3. Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the channels used in the communication of this change.
4. Discuss two important ethical principles that the organisation considers to be important components of the organisational culture.
5. Highlight the most challenging stage of reactions that employees go through when confronted with the above-mentioned change, and provide a rational explanation, as a communication manager, to convince them to accept the change.
Part 2:
Submit a reflective paper of 500-700 words, analysing the major challenges with regards to the communication strategy encountered as a manager in assignment 1.
a) What was the most challenging step you took as the communication manager?
b) What was the least challenging step you took as the communication manager?
c) What should be the priority of managers when designing an effective communication system and why?
For part 2 use credible sources (at least 2 publications) to support your ideas!


Approximately 250 words