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Business Project Charter

Description: For this assignment, you will be developing a Project Charter for a project that meets a Traditional Project definition. The Project can be an actual project that you are planning, executing or have already completed. Alternatively, the Project can also be based on a real-life project or can also be fictitious. A Project Charter comes after the Business Case and is used to authorize the Project formally. For this assignment, you can assume a fully developed business case has been created to support the information provided in the Charter.
The assignment should include… 1 – 2 page Business Case
and the following sections
Project Charter
The Project Charter will contain the following sections:
• Project Name
• Project Description
• Goal
• Objectives • Scope, Cost, Resources and Schedule
• Success Criteria
• Assumptions and Constraints
• High-level Risks
The project description: Should be an Executive Summary of the Business Case. A traditional project has a clear goal and solution, be sure to highlight both in the description. This is also an opportunity to discuss the Business Value of the Project.
Goal: The purpose of the Goal statement is to describe the end state of the Project. In a Traditional Project, the Goal and Solution are clear. When describing the Goal, be sure to focus on what the product will allow the organization to do.
Objectives: The objectives are a more detailed version of the goal statement. The purpose of the objectives is to clarify the exact boundaries of the goal statement. It will also support the scope section of the Project. The objectives are nothing more than a decomposition of the goal statement into a set of necessary and sufficient objective statements. Each objective must be complete to reach the Goal, and no objective is superfluous. Therefore, your Charter should include three to five objectives.
Scope, Cost, Resource and Schedule:
In this section, you will have the opportunity to highlight the baseline for the technical success criteria. The Scope is the area where we will have a chance to highlight the “Must Haves” and the “Do Not Include” at a high level.”
When it comes to Cost, Resource and Schedule, there are two approaches; you can create a ceiling (maximum), a starting point for the planning (Rough Order of Magnitude) or a combination of both. Make sure to state which approach was used and why.
Note: This section will provide the basis for the success criteria.
Success Criteria: The success of a project is often measured differently depending on the audience. For example, the project team usually focuses on coming as close as possible to the estimated Scope, Cost, Resource and Schedule. On the other hand, the project/product owner will look at the success from a business perspective. Were the benefits outlined in the business case realized, and are the stakeholders satisfied with the solution? For this section, outline how success is defined based on the following criteria.
• TECHNICAL: Scope, Cost, Resource and Schedule – what are the acceptable tolerances?
• BENEFIT REALIZATION: What are the benefits for the project/product owner and the client?
• STAKEHOLDER SATISFACTION: How will the satisfaction of the stakeholder be measured, and what is the target?
Assumptions and Constraints:
In this section, you will identify any assumptions or constraints for the Project. These typically, though not always, will be related to Scope, Cost, Resources and Schedule. Provide atleast one Assumption and Constraint.
High-Level Risks: What are the three main risks that could impact the success of the Project? There will be many risks to be identified throughout the project planning phase. The risks identified here will come from the business and typically impact Benefits Realization. These risks will be part of the Risk Planning activity, and a plan will need to be created to manage them.
Professionalism: Write the Charter with the intent that it will be presented in a business environment and should be between three to five pages.
Details in the project charter assignment requirements pdf and important details slides, also upload an example of this assignment can use the exact same format, please take a better look!


Approximately 250 words