Can you answer these questions

1- Explain what the Petzl ID is most used for in the tower industry and why.
2- When routing or installing ½” jumpers from the antenna to the RRU (Remote Radio Unit) on the tower top. At what measurements should the supports go from end to end, to properly secure the coax jumpe?
3- During demolition, of any structure, what are the main factors and needs before anything takes place?
4-Before the use of any harness, what are the steps to ensure it is safe to use?
5- What is the process for mounting a microwave dish?
6- A carabiner with a 23kn load rating, has a lift capacity of what in pounds?
7- Explain the steps in a proper weatherproofing of an RF line, (football).
A kern-mantle rope consists of how many parts?
8-Which one are the sheathing and the core?
9-Courtesy tape, or initial tape, before weatherproofing is for what reason?
10-Anti-panic devices, during control descents, are used in the tower industry for what reason?


Approximately 250 words