case study

Read the case study (p. 3) and answer the following questions based on the rights of medication administration. For each medication ordered clearly identify the following:
• Right patient:
o Indicate how you would verify you have the right patient
• Right medication & Right reason:
▪ Patient’s medical diagnosis that relates to the medication
▪ The mechanism of action (effect)
▪ The pharmacological class
• Right route:
o Identify the abbreviations indicated in the order
• Right dose:
o Calculate the ordered dosage (show calculation)
o Identify if the dosage is safe (provide rationale)
• Right time:
o indicate if the drug is ordered at the right time and frequency
• Right assessment:
o Identify 1 priority pre-assessment for each medication
o Identify 1 priority post-assessment for each medication. Cannot be the same as the pre-assessment)
• Right patient education
o Indicate 1 teaching point for each medication (teaching information is found in your drug guide)
• Right to refuse:
o Provide one NANDA diagnosis based on a patient refusing their medication (see Box 1.1 Guidelines for Nursing Care Planning p.3 in Lilley et al., Pharmacology textbook)
o Include 1 diagnosis statement
o Include 1 outcome statement
o Include 1 intervention
• Right documentation:
o Indicate when documentation would occur
o Indicate what to be documented
o Explain the patient teaching that would be done for the herbal product.
o Explain why this education is important
Use your required readings for this assignment.
• The 10 rights of medication administration are identified in Lilley et al.
• Drug specific information should be from your drug guide
• Refer to herbal links listed in Moodle if available OR to your textbook
Additional recommended resource.
Ackley and Ladwig’s Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning for creating Nursing Diagnosis, nursing outcome, and interventions
Assignment Requirements:
• Assignment must be typed
• Include a cover page and reference page
• Maximum 3 pages using assignment template
• Follow APA format for title page, reference page and citations
• Please submit in word. (No PDF submissions, zip files, mac pages or Google docs will be acceptable
• See marking guide p. 3


Approximately 250 words