Human Relations

Case-Study in Ethics

Select an international organization that has recently been in the news for unethical behaviors.
Provide a brief background about the organization. Then, explain what unethical actions occurred in this organization. Detail the parties involved, settlement information (if applicable), etc.
Explain the direct and indirect costs that these behaviors/actions took on the individuals and the workplace.
Discuss how these issues could have been prevented through the use of HR policies and practices.
Submission Requirements
Write a 3-4 page paper (length does not include the required title and reference pages).
Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center Links to an external site..
Include a formal reference page.
While this is an individual paper, you should reflect on our discussion forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references which can include resources from this course. The CSU Global Library Links to an external a good place to find credible sources. You cannot use Wikipedia or any CSU Global assignment. For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:
a scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article
a government-based website or publication
a trade or industry journal article, publication, or website (including those from trade organizations, such as and


Approximately 250 words