Case Study Paper

Case study topic is attached. Questions for paper and instructions are below.
1. Assume you are Vanderpool. Draft the comparison Pon just requested.
2. Which of the two routing alternatives would you recommend? Why?
3. Assume that the buyer in Saudi Arabia has made other large purchases in the United States and is considering consolidating all its purchases and loading them onto one large ship, which the buyer will charter. The buyer contacts HDT and, although acknowledging its commitment to buy FAS Doha, asks how much HDT would subtract from the $172,000 per truck price if the selling terms were changed to FOB HDT’s Crown Point plant. How much of a cost reduction do you think HDT should offer the buyer? Under what terms and conditions?
4. Answer question 3 with regard to changing the terms of sale to delivery at port in Baltimore. The buyer would unload the trucks from the railcars.
5. Is there an interest rate that would make HDT change from one routing to another? If so, what is it?
6. Assume that the cost to HDT of borrowing money is 12 percent per year. Because the buyer will pay for trucks as they are delivered, would it be advantageous for HDT to pay overtime to speed up production, ship the trucks as they are finished via the Port of Baltimore, and collect its payment earlier? Why or why not?
Students will answer the questions assigned for the week.
The answers to each question should be well formulated with proper grammar and formatting.
A quality assignment should consist of no less than four pages.
Students are strongly encouraged to complete their own work to avoid violation of academic integrity. (For all problems, show your work).
Each homework assignment is to be completed by the student submitting the case. The student must work alone and reflect the work of that student. All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy. Late papers will not be accepted without prior permission.
Not more that 35% of the content can be taken directly from all sources. This means if Turnitin is used, then the similarity index must be 35% or lower. The final score of the case study will be reduced by 1 point for each percentage point over 35%. This percentage may initially appear high; however, if the suggested format noted below is utilized, the headings, which use the questions, will contribute approximately 15% to the similarity index.
Submit completed papers as a Microsoft Word formatted document. All graphics are to be a part of the single problem document you submit. Documents authored in other applications, such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Works, will not be accepted.
Note: Wikipedia and unauthored websites are not acceptable sources. Do not use these types of sources, otherwise you will lose points.
Best Practices and Content Outline
The following are the best practices in preparing and formatting your homework problems. This provides a general outline that can be used with your homework. Follow Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines in constructing your homework.
Title page: This page includes whom you prepared the paper for, who prepared it, and the date. Follow APA guidelines for the format.
Introduction: The introduction tells the reader where the author is going. Three or four sentences is usually enough. The introduction should not have a title because it is always in the same place in an APA paper.
Discussion: This would be the questions and your answers. You can make it easier for the reader to follow where you are going by using the questions, or question numbers, as headings for your specific answers. Your answers can include your opinions, but they should be grounded in fact. If you cited a source, our textbook, or some other publication, provide the appropriate parenthetical citation and add a reference page.
Conclusion: A conclusion is not required, but you can provide one if you so desire. Follow APA guidelines for the format.
References: References are required if you obtain information from any source, including our textbook. Follow APA guidelines for the format.
Here are some additional hints on preparing the best possible submission.
Use a four-step writing process: plan, write, complete, and review.
Prepare an outline of the homework before you go forward.
Complete a first draft and then go back to edit, evaluate, and make any changes required. I find it useful to leave the paper alone for a day before trying to do any reviewing.
Use visual communication only if it will help clarify and support your work. Any materials that can be removed and not affect the clarity of your work are essentially fillers and should be avoided. Fillers distract from the flow of your work and will most likely cause you to lose points.


Approximately 250 words