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Chi square

One page Instructions- Please review Chi – Square assignment and I have enclosed the instructions
on how to structure the one page
Paragraph 1: discuss why the agency developed a plan to evaluate the program
Paragraph 2: Why did they choose the chi-square statistic to evaluate its effectiveness (take note of why chi-square is used. It has to do w/ whether or not the difference in outcomes b/t 2 groups is significant and the level of measurement that it assesses (nominal or ordinal data))
Paragraph 3: describe the research design using “X” for the intervention and “0” for the observation. For example, if I had an experiment w/ a control group (no intervention) and an experimental group (receives the intervention) and I wanted to measure the impact of a new medication, I might describe the research design as:
Experimental group: O1 X O2 which means I observe them at baseline (O1), give the intervention/medication (X), and then observe them again after the intervention (O2)
Control group: O1 O2 which means I observe that at baseline (O1), but there is not intervention, I then observe them a second time (O2) NOTE: the second observation is at the same time as the second observation for the experimental group.
Paragraph 4: A paragraph that interprets the chi-square value. Here is some clarity on the data and interpreting the chi-square value.
The data in the charts is provided to give a “full picture” of the analysis. However, the only data point that you need to pay attention to is in Chart 3, the Pearson’s chi-square value. This value is used to determine if there is a significant difference between 2 separate groups. In this case, the two groups are: 1) clients who received the intervention (employment training) and 2) clients who did NOT receive the intervention cause they are on the waiting list. The Pearson’s chi-square looks at the outcome which in this case is the “level of employment”. The study is basically asking, is there a significant difference b/t the “level of employment” between those who received the training (experimental group) and those who did NOT receive the training (control group). They carried out the study and determined the level of employment for both groups AFTER the training was administered to the experimental group. The Pearson’s chi-square value helps to determine if the difference between the level of employment b/t the 2 groups is significant. Significant in this case means the difference b/t the level of employment isn’t by chance, but is indeed due to the intervention (employment training). In Statistics, significance is measured by the p-value. A p-value that is below 0.05 is considered significant. If you look at Chart 3, Pearson Chi-square, Asymp Sig. (this is the p-value), is that number above or below 0.05? If it’s below 0.05, then


Approximately 250 words