Chicanas/os and the Justice System or Prison System between the ages of 18-25

Specify a minimum of FIVE (5) sources you will use for your research; i.e., articles, journals, books, films, etc. YOU MUST USE SOURCES THAT ARE RELIABLE; i.e., ACADEMIC SOURCES. YOU MUST LIST COMPLETE INFORMATION FOR EACH OF THESE SOURCE IN A “WORKS CITED” PAGE. (**Avoid using anything that is more than 5 years old**). Include complete information on these sources; i.e., if a book, you need title, author, publisher, date published. If using websites, complete website information. THE WEBSITE MUST INCLUDE THE AUTHOR’S NAME, TITLE, YEAR WRITTEN, ETC. IF NO AUTHOR’S NAME IS GIVEN, YOU CANNOT USE THE WEBSITE.


Approximately 250 words