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1) Given Uber’s recent corporate turbulence and ongoing initiatives, provide a holistic situational analysis of the environment Uber is operating in (e.g., opportunities, threats, political factors, social factors,…).
2) How should Uber Elevate segment its potential customers? What pain point does Uber Elevate solve, and which segment is most lucrative?
3) What would be your plan to appeal to the needs of Uber’s target market?
4) At what point can Holden’s team predict that Uber Elevate will be profitable?
Below are a few requirements for the format of the case write-ups:
The essay should be typed (hand-written essays will not be accepted) and more or less two single-spaced pages, using a font size of 12 points. Essays and project reports should follow the APA format.
Start your essay by writing down your question number (e.g., Q1); no need to retype each question. Support your arguments with facts from the case or elsewhere. Feel free to use a bullet format wherever appropriate. There are no “right” answers to these cases; it is the rigor and effort of your analysis that are important and forms the basis for your write-up evaluation. However, simple reports with no innovative solutions and suggestions will not get full credits.
In writing the cases, assume that the readers of your analysis are familiar with the facts of the case. Therefore, avoid merely restating/repeating facts that can be found in the case unless you need them to support a point or to deflect a counterpoint.
The individual case analysis will be evaluated based on three criteria:
How well the student read the case (30%)
How well and complete you answered the case questions (30%)
How much unique critical thinking, innovative solutions, and experience sharing you include in the analysis (40%)


Approximately 250 words