Civil Engagement

Voting is an essential form of civic engagement, and the democratic model in this country depends on it. As it stands, it is both a citizen’s right as well as a duty.
Your city council person has submitted a proposal that would affect the next local election a couple of months away. The proposal requires all voters to take and have proof of passing an American Government and Civics test to be eligible to vote in this election, similar to the test immigrants have to take to become eligible for American citizenship. The city council plans to have an open forum to hear perspectives on this proposal from community members and the public.
Prepare some ideas you would present to the city council for consideration.
Are you in favor or not of the proposal? Why?
Do you think you would pass this test right now and be able to vote?
What are the possible outcomes and consequences of imposing requirements to qualify to vote?
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Take test:


Approximately 250 words