Clean Water, Healthy Food

Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation (including title slide and reference slide)
Your Discussion submission will consist of a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation with brief “speaker notes” that identifies a water-related or food-related disease, explains the main contributing factors for that disease, and investigates how the problem is (or is not) being addressed. The speaker notes for each slide have a paragraph requirement, so be sure to follow the instructions in the template. It is not necessary to provide a recorded audio narration.
The presentation should be for public health professionals in a professional context. A single slide may not contain more than 50 words, so that it can be read at a glance. Remember, this is not an essay, but a brief presentation, which is typical at a professional conference. Your ten slides should include the following:
Title slide
Analysis of the relationship among water (or food) and global health problems.
Explanation of a specific global health problem related to water (or food).
Explanation of three determinants of the chosen problem.
Analysis of how the above determinants may be impacted by climate change.
Explanation of what is or could be done to resolve the problem.
Support your presentation with evidence citing scholarly literature:
Reference slide: Five or more peer reviewed articles, less than 5 years old.
All references must be in APA format (7th edition).
Note: Where you provide a reference, you must cite it in text at least once. Your citations must be in the PPT slide as well as in the speaker notes.


Approximately 250 words