Please respond in your own words. No citations or references needed.
1. Active listening helps us communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in the workplace. However, distractions such as mobile devices and emails may impact our ability to actively listen to others.
Choose one of the options below. Then, thoroughly explain why active listening is critical to its success. You may want to refer to active listening strategies you have learned about throughout
• Building professional relationships.
• Decreasing misunderstandings.
• Increasing productivity.
Please respond with 5-7 sentences
2. Your supervisor just announced that you and a colleague, Bruce, will have an opportunity to meet with the company’s CEO in two hours to deliver a presentation on your team’s current project. Due to the short notice, Bruce believes your presentation should be an impromptu speech, delivered without notes or a plan. You believe your presentation should be written out word for word and read aloud to the audience.
Under these circumstances, how would you use your relationship building skill to collaborate with Bruce and resolve your differences in opinion? Please select one option below and thoroughly explain why you chose it.
• Communicate openly and effectively concerning your preference.
• Ask another colleague for their input.
• Trust Bruce and follow his suggestion.
Please respond substantial of 5-7 sentences.
3. Please respond in a paragraph of at least 5–7 sentences to fully address the questions. Be sure to use your own words!
• What were your greatest takeaways from completing the assignment on active listening and responding?
• In what ways do you feel prepared to use your communication skill after completing the assignment? If you don’t feel prepared, share why.


Approximately 250 words