Community Corrections (discussion post)

Please answer the following questions in 400+ words combined.
The textbook is required and can be cited as (Alarid, 2018). Full citation as:
Alarid, L. F. (2018). Community-Based Corrections (12th ed.). Cengage Learning US.
An additional source is welcome if you choose- please also cite the youtube videos associated with the questions.
Chapter 1
1. Do you think determinate sentencing is fair? Why? or why not? (pages 9 & 10 in the textbook).
2. After watching this video, “Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments,”answer the question below.

Do you agree with the judge’s approach to sentencing? What philosophy do you think he practices?
Chapter 2
1. Which model of probation do you think works best? Explain why. What factors have created changes in supervision? (textbook pages 36-38)
2. Watch the video: Probation Officer Takes Stand

What is the role of the probation officer in this segment? What was the reason for the hearing? Describe the nature of the testimony (technical, narrative, etc.) offered by the probation officer.
3. Study the case below, and then answer the following questions:
1. Should the case be diverted?
2. Should the defendant be given a chance to avoid conviction?
3. Justify your answers
Case A: Defendant Smith, Possession of Ecstasy
Defendant Smith has been arrested for possession of Ecstasy—enough for two hits. Smith has no criminal history and has been employed as a laborer with a construction company for two years, excluding a brief layoff period. He has a good work record. He admits that he uses alcohol and had been drinking and using Ecstasy the night of the offense.Smith has used marijuana and cocaine in the past. He lives by himself. He has never been married and has one child from a previous relationship. He is two months behind on his child-support payments and does not see his child very often. His attorney argues that Smith has never been in any form of mental health counseling, substance-abuse treatment, or counseling, and that he would agree to go to drug court as a diversionary measure. The State’s attorney is opposed to drug court because Ecstasy was the choice of drug. The police have recently been trying to rid the streets of the supply of Ecstasy and believe Smith might be tied to a major Ecstasy drug ring.


Approximately 250 words