Comparison Analysis Project

You will need to calculate the financial ratios needed to determine your chosen company’s current financial health.
My companies are Amazon,Walmart and Target.
Once you have calculated these ratios, the results will be used to analyze the business’s current financial position and help them make decisions about how to improve or maintain their financial health. Pay particular attention to working capital management. If liquidity is an issue, consider how the company will meet its short-term obligations.
Read the Comparison Analysis Project file.
Carefully review the Action Items required for the Comparison Analysis in the document. (NOTE: You will be completing the Comparison Analysis Worksheet Excel File for the ratio calculations.)
Look over any additional resources provided for assistance.
Write a 2/3 page paper providing your analysis of the ratios for each of your chosen companies and status of the financial health based on the ratio analysis. You will also submit the completed Excel file to accompany your write-up. Essentially summarize it the company is declining or not.


Approximately 250 words