You have recently gained employment, as an Assistant to the Environmental Manager for a large general contracting firm.
While they have identified a range of different ways to address sustainability, they have tasked you with compiling a report on ‘The relationship between net zero and modern methods of construction’ in relation to the following scenario.
The company has recently been successful in joining a framework of contractors to provide sustainable city centre living in Lisburn City Centre.
The concept – a development of affordable homes in Lisburn City to meet the growing needs of the Lisburn population and to encourage City Centre Living as part of the Lisburn City Centre Masterplan 2019-2023,
WST148_Lisburn_Masterplan_Update_Final_Approved_02_reduced.pdf (
As part of the company’s drive to address sustainability you have been asked to identifying suitable brownfield sites in Lisburn that could be regenerated to provide sustainable and affordable homes.
Completed report to include;
a statement identifying the proposed construction project which is.
“identifying suitable brownfield sites in Lisburn city that could be regenerated to provide affordable homes”
identify the best site solution for the construction project include the following.
Desk top research of 5 sites – google images, explanation of site, location etc
5 site appraisals completed on walk over surveys
Choose a suitable site and highlight the benefits of the proposed site with reference to its suitability for the housing development and surrounding areas
Include a location map of the site with the site highlighted in red.
Identify the zoning of the site from the Lisburn City Centre Masterplan
Detail the housing development
The concept – a development of affordable homes in Lisburn City to meet the growing needs of the Lisburn population and to encourage City Centre Living as part of the LISBURN CITY CENTRE MASTERPLAN REVIEW
Look at what the masterplan says about encouraging city centre living, page 19 and include this
Pros and Cons of a housing development in the city
Local existing Provision –
Justification of project –
Initial sketches/ concepts/ inspirations for design –
Factors that influence the design process
Client Requirements – this is a specification of the housing
Building Use,
Spatial requirements
Sustainability and energy efficiency
Chosen Site Constraints/Considerations – These are all based on the site you have chosen
Neighbouring structures
Ground conditions/contamination
Statutory Constraints – General points for any construction project
Planning constraints
CDM Regs 2015
Building Regs
Disability Discrimination Act
Environmental Constraints
Sustainable development
Wildlife and Countryside
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Social Constraints
wider interest in or opposition to a project.
Public concern and media pressure
Projects funded using public money are often subject to social constraints, as there tends to be greater interest in cost escalations, delays and so on, such as in the case of high speed 2 (HS2), or London’s Garden Bridge proposal which have caused much controversy.
Economic Constraints
• Cost planning – budget
• Funds private/public
• Land prices
21-22 Pearson Theme: Ethics in Construction
21-22 Topic: The Importance of Sustainability for Construction.
What is sustainability in general terms
Why does the construction industry need to be sustainable?
Drivers for sustainable construction
How can the construction industry be more sustainable? Relate to your scenario of the city centre housing
Prepare presentation – see separate guidance
Pass Criteria Bibliography


Approximately 250 words