Religion and Theology

Content Response

In this content response you are required to write a 500 word discussion on Jonathan Z. Smith as an example of a Religious Studies scholar of religion. Watch the video clip featuring Dr. Smith in file labelled as Defining Religion (or not!).
In your Content Response, explain how Jonathan Z. Smith’s understanding of religion is an academic rather than a traditional religious understanding. What does he say about religion that shows you that he is taking an academic Religious Studies perspective rather than a traditional religious perspective on religion? Make clear the connections between what he says and what the Unit-1 is teaching you about the academic study of religion (about method, stance, context, critique).
One hint here is his use of the phrase “culturally determined mechanisms” to describe how human beings seek to interact with ‘superhuman being(s).
*Cite internal sources in MLA. Provide a few citations from attached sources and maybe one citation from an external source.


Approximately 250 words