For this post, you will read one section of the paper: Assessing effects of non-native crayfish on mosquito survival
This is a primary research article and as such, it may be challenging to read. In order to help you better understand the original article, I’d recommend you read the UCLA IoES summary before tackling this assignment. Primary research refers to a paper written by a scientist or team of scientists that communicates their unique experiment to the public.
Links to each section:
Post Requirements:
This assignment requires two posts, each completed individually.
First Post – Due Thursday
Each person in your group will read one of the four sections listed above, selected on a first-come, first-serve basis (NO credit for duplicate posts!). It is strongly recommended that you make a placeholder post to avoid multiple students reading and posting about the same section. You may reply to your placeholder post with your responses to the prompts.
Title your post with your chosen section (e.g., Introduction, Methods, etc.), then answer the following:
Explain three major points of your section of the article (each point should be 2-3 sentences; bullet-point format is fine).
Define at least two vocabulary words or phrases from the section you read. These can be any words/phrases that you didn’t know the meaning of. (Examples: trophic cascades, ecosystem services, benthic, etc.)
Based on the reading of your section, what are two questions you have? These may be something you need clarification on, technical questions, questions about the diets, methods, or broader questions about the article. Try to avoid posing questions that can be answered with a simple search.
Highlight an aspect of the reading that you found interesting and explain how it relates to what you’ve learned in this week’s module (3-4 sentences).


Approximately 250 words