Briefly summarize the book, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US. In your essay, respond to the following questions:
1. Describe the hardships Reyna, Mago, and Carlos face growing up in Iguala.
2. Why does Reyna’s mother, Juana, return alone from the United States? How does life change for Reyna, Mago, and Carlos when she returns?
3. Compare and contrast Mago’s and Reyna’s feelings toward their mother as time after time she chooses her own needs over those of her children. Does she love her children? Use evidence from the text to support your response.
4. Reyna’s father returns from the United States after an eight-year absence. Why does he return?
5. Compare and contrast the ways in which Reyna, Mago, and Carlos deal with the on-again, off-again relationships with their parents? What accounts for their different responses?
6. Reyna attends school in both Mexico and the United States. Compare and contrast her experiences in both places.
7. Reyna does not speak English when she enters school in the United States. How does she overcome this challenge? How is she received by her teachers? By her classmates? What accounts for her ability to succeed?
8. As Reyna matures into a young woman, how does she resolve her feelings of being abandoned by both her mother and father? Does she view one parent as having been better than the other? Why or why not?
9. To whom does Reyna owe thanks for her success? Why? Do you agree or disagree and why?
10. Add your concluding comments/thoughts
**Please note: you MUST provide evidence from the book to support whatever answers you provide in your essay. What statements from the book support your position? In order to get the maximum points possible, facts (quotes/evidence from the book) are required. You may use additional sources; however, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US must be your primary source of information used for analysis.
You MUST include an introductory statement (a paragraph or two in length) which includes a THESIS STATEMENT that explains what you will be discussing in your paper.
Font size – NO LARGER THAN 12 Point.
Citations – you MUST use MLA formatted citations.


Approximately 250 words