Cultural Intelligence Assessment

Part 1 – Instructions & Requirements:
Each learner needs to first access the said assessment; review the assessment; take the assessment; calculate scores in accordance with the specific tool. Once that is complete, a narrative should be written up using the four (4) headers and instructions below:
Main Headings Required (All headers should be bolded and centered)
• Name of the Tool/Assessment Inventory (e.g. DISC Assessment)
• Description of Assessment/Inventory
o Describe the purpose of each tool or personality test (Maximum of 150 Words)
• My Summary
o Give a brief synopsis of how you scored (Maximum of 250 Words)

Discussion (Maximum of 3 pages) –
o Do you agree with the results? Why or why not. Provide examples.
o Areas where you have strengths and opportunities for improvement
o What will you do to enhance your strengths
o How will you address any areas where you need to improve
o Any other insights or things that surprised you
o Discuss how you think your results in relation to your readiness to assume a leadership role
For this assignment only – You DO NOT have to follow the APA formatting requirements, i.e. you do not need Title Page, Abstract, etc. and it does not need to be double-spaced. You do not need to cite or include the individual websites above in the reference list. You also may deviate from use of 3rd person (as is required in scholarly writing) and use 1st person; if desired.


Approximately 250 words