Discussion Board (Health and Human Services Research)

(1) Hawthorne Effect
1. For this discussion, you’ll need to understand the Hawthorne effect.
2. Review this information in chapter 1 and do any necessary outside research.
3. Discuss the Hawthorne effect and today’s social media.
4. Cite your sources in 7th edition APA format.
(2) Research Credibility
1. Explain why maintaining credibility in the research process is important.
(3) Writing for the Profession:
1. Professionals who work in healthcare administration and healthcare information management do a lot of reading to maintain current knowledge. Typically, healthcare professionals write entries for professional forums that describe current happenings in healthcare and advise managers as to what they need to learn.
2. Conduct a search in a professional forum from an organization such as AHIMA . or AUPHA Links below..
3. Review one entry and critique it.
4. Is it well-written? Why or why not?
5. Why would it be important to you that the information shared is well-written? Would you trust the information if it had a lot of misspellings or was hard to follow?
6. How can you improve your own writing skills? What needs to change?
Cite your source and provide a link to the entry you reviewed so your classmates can review it too.


Approximately 250 words