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16 hours agoArlene Manning
Of the four technologies discussed in Goldkind and Wolf’s article, I am most familiar with gamification and mobile technologies. Goldkind and Wolf (2015) state that gamification uses game design techniques, game thinking, and game mechanics in a non-game context by integrating points, badges, rewards, and punishments. As a substance use counselor, this sounds like contingency management strategies used to encourage active participation and engagement in group and individual therapy sessions. Participants earned rewards such as gift cards for consistently attending sessions, punishments for noncompliance, and badges such as being “A-team” members. Goldkind and Wolf (2015) note that game-based interventions target addiction and substance use components. I found that participants were more inclined to practice newly learned techniques and strategies when using contingency management. Goldkind and Wolf (2015) state that the use of mobile technologies has exploded and streamlined client care. My experience with electronic medical records to maintain documentation and the recent use of Zoom to conduct assessments and sessions during the pandemic are all engaging with mobile technologies. These technologies have allowed access to care when physical face-to-face interactions were impossible.
The technology that I want to learn more about is big data. Goldkind and Wolf describe big data as a hybrid concept of big and complex sets of information and the application of digital tools to identify trends in that information. I feel that with the plethora of passive information that individuals freely share if social workers could positively identify trends and patterns, a more proactive approach could be taken to address some of the social concerns present in society.
Goldkind, L., & Wolf, L. (2015). A digital environment approach: Four technologies that will disrupt social work practice. Social Work, 60(1), 85–87.
Mary Chase
Unit 1, Discussion 1
According to Goldkind and Wolf (2015), the four technologies predicted to disrupt social work practice are the following: internet of things, big data, gamification, and mobile technology. I am most familiar with big data and Mobile technology.
As a current case manager, I utilize various systems that provide information to ensure I have the most updated and current information about the population I serve. For example, a case is opened when a detained non-citizen presents a concern to me. The first step in opening that case is to enter the detained non-citizen’s identification number into an ICE computer system. Once entered, I am provided with the client’s identifying information, including a photo, ensuring I am opening a case for the correct non-citizen. This data exchange will also provide me with the immigration history, detention center history, any criminal history, alerts, and communications between Customs & Border Protection, Immigration and & Customs Enforcement, and the detained non-citizen.
Additionally, mobile technology is used daily in my work and personal life. In collaboration with the detention facilities, we have developed a tablet system that allows case managers to communicate with and interview detained non-citizens virtually. This is especially helpful if a non-citizen has requested an interview but is housed in a quarantined pod or restrictive housing. Otherwise, the case manager would be required for the quarantine period to end or interview the non-citizen through the door in restricted housing, which is not conducive to a private interview. While the tablets are convenient, I prefer to interview in person. Despite the facilities assuring privacy, when I was a child welfare case manager, I witnessed a victim of domestic violence being intimidated by her abuser during a virtual court hearing, as he was just off screen until her attorney spoke up. Since then, I have not fully believed in privacy when utilizing technology. I often attend TEAMS meetings via my cell phone. I must remain mindful of my location during such meetings and when discussing anything work-related.
I am not a gamer, but I want to learn about gamification. I have never used gamification and would like to understand this technology better. Based on the reading, it appears helpful to provide coping skills to clients who experience substance abuse and depressive symptoms.
Goldkind, L., & Wolf, L. (2015). A digital environment approach: Four technologies that will disrupt social work practice. Social Work, 60(1), 85–87.


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