Disscusion Journal Article

Find a peer reviewed journal article that discusses an issue/topic that we have covered in our textbook during week 2, Chapters 5- 9.
A peer reviewed journal article is a research article that has been submitted to a peer review journal. You find these articles on the Healey Library data bases, when you do the search, check the box that says peer review journal article.
The rubric for grading the response papers is: Formatting & Citation 10 points, discussion of journal article 30 points, discussion of textbook material 30 points, and the critical comparison of the two sources 30 points. Formatting should be done in APA Citation Style.
Minimun 550 words, must include a cover page and reference page in APA citation/format style
I attached the peer review article and also the chapter of the book that we have to use to make the comparison.
If you want to login in my account McGrawHill Connect let me know i can give you access or you can use the documents below.


Approximately 250 words