diversity statement- grad school

This essay will focus on how I lost my biological father in high school. It will highlight my age, 15 sophomore year of high school. It will highlight how I had grown up with a single mother and struggled economically because my father wasn’t present. He attempted to apologize but because of immaturity, I didn’t forgive him. He died months after. I had experienced homeless and physical abuse and felt so alone because he had left me. Yet, his death impacted me tremendously because I hadn’t forgiven him. I never had the opportunity to tell him I accepted his apology. To answer his questions I thought were stupid when he stopped by to apologize like did I still have the same favorite food? I’ll never have the opportunity to have him walk me down the aisle or know how proud he is of me for being the first in our family to graduate college. This moment taught me always to forgive the people I love. It molded my young heart so now I forgive always and I love hard. I understand the importance of family and love and what it means to truly love someone. While I battled with depression after the loss it taught me perseverance. (2 pages maximum- double spaced-tnr)


Approximately 250 words