American History

Documentary Episode: Soul Deep Part 1 Ray Charles and the Birth of Soul

Watch the film closely and take notes on the following themes and questions
Map out the history of soul music as described in the TV episode
Listen carefully and be prepared to describe the sound of soul
The music industry
State power
Write a ONE-and-a HALF to TWO-and-a-HALF page review of this television episode by choosing ONE of the topics below and responding to this prompt:
Choose ONE of the topics below and, using it as your focus, explain how does the history of soul illustrate the way that ideas about race are produced and resisted in popular music?
The music industry
State power
Format requirements
Your paper must include the following sections AND each section must be clearly headed in BOLD.
In this section provide basic information about the film. This could include things such as the film’s name, year, director, and major interviewees. Provide a one sentence preview of your focus (from the list above).
Plot Summary
Behave as if the readers of your film review has not seen the film/TV show. Provide them with enough of a map of the story of the film so that they will understand what you are writing about. Keep this long enough to orient your reader, but short enough so that it does not spoil viewing for others. You can include a little of your experience of the TV. This might be your personal experience of the what the TV show looks like, feels like, sounds like.
Respond to the prompt. This is the most important part of the review and where you get the most points. Your focus should be on demonstrating your understanding of the lectures, readings and the film and synthesizing how relevant parts of the lectures/readings are illuminated by the film.
Summarize your review and indicate your evaluation of the TV show
Your paper MUST be compatible with Microsoft Word (you don’t need Microsoft Word, it must just be readable by Microsoft Word – for example Pages often is not).
Typed, double-spaced,12-point font 1.5 to 2.5 pages
Include page numbers at the bottom of the page
Use one-inch margins
Do not include a cover page
You MUST save and upload your paper using the following convention Last name First name Soul Deep Summer 2022
So if Robyn Fenty was in our class her assignment would be saved in the following manner: Fenty Robyn Soul Deep Summer 2022


Approximately 250 words