On Saturday 14th at 11:30AM, Mr. Customer visited the branch located at XYZ to inquire about placing two stop payments on his merchant services, banker assisted him and provided his options. Banker called banker connection to receive more in detail about a possible solution to satisfy the customer’s request. Banker connection mentioned to banker that if Mr. Customer would like to proceed, he would be able to; However, that would affect all his merchant credits. banker explained to him and he declined as he only wanted to block those two without interrupting the service. He started being aggressive to the banker and raising his tone of voice, representative mentioned to banker to get ahold of her manager and she was listening to the customer in the background being aggressive to the banker.
Banker went behind the teller line to explain the situation and requested help from me. I noticed she was anxious and shaking, we both went back to the banker desk and greeted Mr. Customer. He immediately replied, “ you are not the manager, get the hell out of here”, “you are no help at all”. I mentioned to the customer that I was here to help him and find a solution to his issue with his merchant services. He refused to be assisted and that I am no help. I stated that in the past I have referred him to Eliana as she is the small business banker and is specialized to assist with his requests, I stated that I am limited to what I can do and with complex requests, it does need to be with a business banker. Customer did not let me speak and raised his tone of voice and was verbally aggressive repeating “get the hell out of my presence” and you Elina, do what I have asked you to do.
I mentioned to Mr. Customer that we are trying to help him but he is refusing to be helped, he would not stop raising his voice. I stated that I was trying to help him but he has been verbally aggressive and disrespectful in which he denied and replied “ I am not being disrespectful to you, or am I saying something about your appearance or your look”? While making that comment he pointed me towards me.
I had told him that since he is not letting me help him and he is being verbally aggressive that I will have to please ask him to leave our premises. He refused and stated that he will not leave until his issue was resolved, raising his voice. I mentioned to him that if he refused to leave that I will be forced to call the police and said that they can come and that he would not leave.
I told Eliana to lock her computer and to follow me. Customer got up and followed both of us to the lobby, while raising his voice he mentioned that he would come back.
I have assisted Mr. customer in the past in the teller line and has been very difficult; however, we have been able to help him and always deescalated. He has had treated me with no respect, in which I never had an issue and helped him, but this time he has crossed the line with the level of verbal aggression and causing a hostile environment.
Due to the number of occurrences I recommend ending Mr. Customers relationship at XYZ corporation.
Please let me know if you have any further questions,
Thanks you,
Luis Soto


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