Emergency Management History Assignment

Graphically depict the evolution of the history, roots, structure, and fundamentals of the field of Emergency Management to include the creation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
You should include the following (at a minimum):
A graphic depiction of major historical points in chronological order (timeline, flow chart, diagram, etc)
Descriptions of each of the major historical points (utilize the presentation notes section)
Identification of the key figures involved in the field’s history
Identification of Public Health’s Role in Emergency Management and when it was included in the field’s history
The major changes that have resulted from various national and local incidents/events to include (but not limited to) the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, the Boston Marathon bombing, the coronavirus pandemic, and any additional pertinent event up to the present that has had an impact on the field of Emergency Management
A paragraph as to the importance of this information as it relates to a Public Health Emergency Management Professional.
Please cite all the resources in APA format and reference them.


Approximately 250 words