Business and Management

Ethical Issues At Huge Companies

What you need to do is pick any company that you want, and apply one of the topics that we cover or will cover in class to that company. For example, ethical issues at Sephora, supply chain management at Petco. It doesn’t have to be a big company. You should have the following sections: an introduction, literature review, findings, conclusion, and reference page.
Introduction: should give a general overview of company and the topic you are covering
Literature review: you discuss the sources that you have pulled data from, and what these authors said about the company or topic you selected
Findings: what are your findings and observations
Conclusion: You wrap up our paper with your conclusion
References: you can use any type of format for references, but make sure to follow it properly
Paper should be 5-7 pages long (excluding title page and reference page), double spaced and should have a title page.


Approximately 250 words