You did an excellent job with your discussion. Given that this discussion is about our group assignment in week 6, I would specify whether your proposed organization will focus on substance abuse or mental health services (Richins, n.d.). I would also tell us which demographics will benefit most from these new services (Richins, n.d.). When presenting to the board of directors, it’s reasonable to expect they’ll inquire about the nature of the healthcare organization’s health service initiatives (Richins, n.d.). My group, for instance, extended its work in substance abuse treatment from adults to adolescents. We intended to include features such as a gaming area, a 25-meter pool, and a full-sized sports court, especially since we thought adolescents would desire this treatment. I use the information I have already provided in your Week 6 assignment as the basis for my presentation.
Since there is no set APA style for PowerPoint presentations, there is no single correct method of presentation (Walden University Writing Center, n.d-b). The instructor’s name is usually on the first slide of the PowerPoint, right below the course title (Walden University Writing Center, n.d-a). Consider including at least one image in your PowerPoint presentation can help you stand out and captivate your audience. If you use images in your PowerPoint presentation, ensure they complement and highlight your main points rather than competing with or detracting from them (Elliot, 2023). You can still achieve the appearance and feel you want in your presentation slides by choosing more subdued background images (Elliot, 2023). Incredibly effective PowerPoint: I especially appreciate the emphasis on clarity. It’s easy to understand, and the color choices make it legible. Regarding healthcare, I concur with your recommendations. High-quality patient care is only possible if the health service organization meets the aforementioned conditions. You did a well-done presentation on health reforms.
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