Feeder 1.1

Feeder 1.1
Make an annotated bibliography with 7-10 scholarly sources. Please write your bibliography using CSE/CBE (8th edition). Include a bibliographic entry and a paragraph of 3-5 sentences for each entry. For your annotations, paraphrase the main point of the article in your own words and introduce the information you think will be important to bring to the (podcast) conversation and why you think it’s important. Contextualize the information by describing how it’s relevant in your own inquiry and research process. This assignment is an opportunity for you to begin compiling sources and to start formulating your own scholarly inquiry.
Double space your bibliography and include proper formatting (i.e. indentation). In the top left corner, write your name, the class section, your instructor’s name, and the date (day, month, year). When you write your citation, do not indent the first line of your citation and indent the lines that follow. Likewise, you do not need to indent the first line of your paragraph that follows the citation.


Approximately 250 words