Finance (Answer All)
1) Time Value of Money
Darlene needs an investment that will generate income of $300 at the end of year 1, $300 at the end of year 2, $500 at the end of year 3, $600 at the end of year 4, and $1,200 at the end of year 5. How much should Darlene pay for this investment if she can earn 6 percent on his investment? How does your answer change if she can only obtain an interest rate of 2.45%?
2) Financial Planning
For each of the following categories of information required for a comprehensive financial plan, describe in your own words the information that must be gathered:
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Risk Management
Employee Benefits
Family Planning
Educational Planning
3) Personal vs. Corporate
What are the similarities and differences between household and business financial processes for each of the following?
Cash flows after maintenance expenses
Additions to investments
Leisure outlays
Use descriptive headings and subheadings to organize your writing, rather than numbering the paragraphs. This is very important so that I understand which questions you are addressing. Properly document your writing according to APA style, using in-text citations and a reference list.


Approximately 250 words