Fostering and Homelessness Youth in College

This research paper is based on an ongoing research study project that was placed for Fostering and Homelessness background students at Florida International University. This paper should only be the beginning of research paper. It should be a partial paper as the other half should be completed throughout the end of Spring semester. Therefore it should include the following; • Introduction
• Background and Significance (also known as literature review)
◦ Includes theoretical framework guiding the project (sub-heading at the end of the section)
• Methods
◦ Research team
◦ Setting
◦ Participants
◦ Data Collection
◦ Analysis methods
1. Introduction
– Foster and Homelessness students in college
– Why it matters?
2. Background and Significance
– Literature Reveal
– What do we know about Foster & Homelessness students in College. How does Occupational Therapy play a role with Fostering and Homelessness background individuals.
3. Theoretical Framework used to guide the study project such as; Participatory Occupational Justice Framework by Whiteford Jones Bahal, Social Model of Disability: because all these students have experienced trauma at some level, they faced instability in life, it impacts their ability to develop necessary life skills.
MOHO Framework: Personal Causation
4. Methods
– What we did ?
– Principle investigator ( Dr. Amy Ward) did some preliminary key informant interviews with potential participants to better understand the the needs of this particular population at the University. Didid the interviews to ask what their needs are. Based on that we recruited students from the Fostering Panther Pride (FPP) program with emphasis on Seniors
– recruited Seniors at Florida International University from the Fostering Panther Pride program (FPP) , these students have Foster and Homelessness background.
– Inclusion criteria: Only seniors, age 18 and above, Students currently enrolled at Florida International University, who participate in FPP program which meant they had either Foster care & Homelessness background.
– IRB approval & prior to participation participants were given Informed consent. Participation is voluntary. Even if they choose to not participate in the study, it doesn’t affect their students’ status at the University or the FPP program.
– A number of 5 sessions of Life skills lab were taken place throughout the Fall semester and these sessions will continue in the Spring semester. The number of participants may change in the next semester.
All participants were assed by using the COPM. COPM was used as a baseline for collecting data.
– Pre and Post Surveys from Experiential Life skills lab to get a better sense how meaningful these sessions are to these participants and to get feedback how these sessions could be better.
Participation Action Research project based on a community that was driven by the needs of the community.
– Collaborative: Preliminary interviews to ask them what their needs are. We let them guide us in some of the things that we do.
– Participatory in nature
– Program development and Evaluation.
NOTE: I completed this paper. It’s the begining of a research paper i did last semester and the feedback from my professor was given back to me this new semester this year. She wants me to rewrite, edit and revised the paper based on the comments she made on the paper is not great and needs to be rewritten and she added what she wants me to add to this paper. This paper is about an on going research for my Master’s project that i need to complete at the end of Spring. Attached is the paper submitted from last semester with the feedback provided by my professor. PLEASE Rewrite in a NEW document.


Approximately 250 words