1 question asked by you (click on the red button “Ask a New Question on top of the page”, please, do not ask your question as a response to someone else, it will not count, just click the red button)
3 responses to other people’s questions (1 of which must be the response to the instructor’s question)
For each post, you need a curiosity score of 55 for it to count. If the score is less than 55, you do not receive any points for the post and the post will not count as one of the 4 needed.
To know what a curiosity score entails and how you can improve it, please check this link (link to external site) (Links to an external site.)
One of the big advantages of Packback is the instant feedback from AI that tells you when something is off. You can see your curiosity score at the bottom of your post (after the date) and you can edit your posts until you get a score of at least 55.


Approximately 250 words