Globel Issues Interactive Presentation

We are in a time of rapid growth in the amount of information and technology available. Students are now being informed of current events through social media, digital platforms, and other resources. They are bringing that information into the classroom, wanting answers to increasingly difficult questions, and expecting solutions. Teaching students to be globally aware will help them discover and interpret answers to their questions.
Locate a current article discussing a global issue based on race or culture. Create an interactive presentation (Prezi, WebQuest, PowToon, etc.) for students to understand this issue and its effect.
The presentation must include the following: 1) An introduction of the global issue
2) Grade appropriate collaborative activity designed to explore the issue or solve the problem
3) Minimum of 3-5 digital tools or resources that engage students in exploring real-world issues and authentic problem-solving
4) Assessment
In addition to the article write a 500-word reflection answering the following questions:
1) How does the collaborative activity provide a relevant learning experience in the classroom that engages students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources?
2) What opportunities are available, when teaching this global issue, to create an increasingly open and safe learning environment?
3) How will you ensure your own personal bias does not affect your presentation?
How does awareness of this global
issue and the grade appropriate collaborative activity create relevant learning experiences that will affect students’ relationships in the classroom and inform their ethical decision-making?
Note: Please be sure to include the article


Approximately 250 words